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Remembrance Evening

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Remembrance Evening

A Remembrance Evening was held at Providence Chapel to commemorate those who died and served in the First and Second World Wars. This was done in conjunction with the church, the Dilton Marsh Historical Society and the Westbury Family History Society. Displays at the event showed what the village looked like back in the days of the war, with records of soldiers and their families.

Adrian Henson showed a short compilation of film clips showing the events of the Second World War. One interesting clip was of a bowling green being ploughed up as part of the “Dig for Victory” campaign.  At the end of the film, those gathered stood up for the Last Post and a minute’s silence, as the names from the Dilton Marsh war memorial were shown.

Margaret Edwards, a member of Providence Chapel read some of the reminiscences of her Uncle Stanley, from when he was a boy in Trowbridge during the war. His Dad was in the ARP, and he and his friends would play at being wardens. A holiday in the Isle of Wight in 1945 wasn’t very successful, as Stanley ran onto the beach, into the sea….and into the barbed wire! He spent most of the holiday either in hospital or in a wheeled chair.

Alison from the Dilton Marsh Historical Society talked about their recent Heritage Lottery funded project – “Dilton Marsh: A Village at War”. The project has been put onto CD-ROM. The next project run by the Society will hopefully be Romano Britain, and the Society is currently looking for people to volunteer for their gardens to be dug up to see what can be found.

Lynn from the Westbury Historical Society talked about their current project - trying to find out about those who served and came back. These soldiers are not named on War memorials, and memories from family members are fading. The Society currently has 350 service records, but is looking for over 1000 names. They are running a regular article in the local paper- the White Horse News- appealing for help with the project. They are hoping the final result will be able to give them statistics and help them to understand the impact that the war had.

Finally Pastor Guy Davies gave an epilogue on the film “Saving Private Ryan”. The theme of the film is whether Private Ryan is worth saving. He questions at the end whether he was.  God’s people are not worth saving, and yet God saved us. Jesus did not come because we are worth it, and yet he died for us.

If you would like to read more about Stanley Jones’ war recollections, please see the following websites on the BBC: