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Bake Through the Bible 4

Two years ago, Providence Baptist Church launched Bake Through the Bible for the first time, inspired by a book by Susie Bentley-Taylor and Bekah Moore. The idea was to use the fun of baking as a means to teach local people, both young and old, more about the Bible's message. It was done in the knowledge that the Bible, though made up of many different writings, has one overall story. From the beginning to the end that story centres around Jesus Christ. It can often be difficult for people to get to grips with that story, so Bake Through the Bible focused on some of the key moments and the big themes. We began baking many of the things God made as part of his creation and thinking about how our own culinary 'creations' speak of design and purpose - beautiful cakes don't just happen! We thought about the terrible sadness that sin brought into the world when people turned away from the Creator, and baked sad faces. We looked at God's promises to Abraham, God's deliverance of Israel through the Passover Lamb, God's law to Israel, and the promise that one day he would send the ultimate saviour, a special king who would put right the mess caused by sin. We then looked at Jesus and how he was this king, this saviour. We looked at his miracles, we looked at his death and resurrection. We asked along with his disciples 'Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!'  We then finished up looking at what happened when Jesus returned to heaven and what the good news is that he has left for anyone who desires it. At our final session we looked to the future when Jesus will return to complete the salvation he has already begun in the lives of those who follow him.


Bake Through the Bible has been a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. We hope that its been a time to think seriously about the One the Bible is all about and to hear his challenge: 'If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink!'