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Holiday Bible Club 2016

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Holiday Bible Club 2016

Providence recently ran its annual Easter Holiday Bible Club. This year it was entitled “In the Beginning” and the children were taught about creation and the fall. A good number of children came, with an average of 20 over the three days. Each day there was a story, team activity, songs, a memory verse activity, a quiz and crafts. Each child was presented with a card, and if they attended, said the memory verse, or answered questions, a hole was punched in their card - the person with the most holes received a prize at the end of the week. Also if the children sang well, or sat well during the story, sweets went into a piñata, modelled on planet earth.

On the first day we looked at Days 1 – 6 of the creation week, finishing with the creation of the animals. To tie the craft in with the creation theme, the children were given a blank canvas and paints and asked to paint whatever they liked. The results were very impressive with people, dinosaurs, suns and much more.

On the second day we looked at the creation of man, and God resting on Day 7. The children had a team competition to see who could make the best figure out of cardboard boxes and toilet rolls. One team even made a model of Tim Peake! The winning team managed to make theirs free standing, which was decisive. The craft that day was to decorate a gift box with their fingerprints, to make them unique as God created us all to be different.

On the final day we looked at man’s fall when he sinned against God and then the way of salvation that God has given us. Two of the adults tried to hide, to demonstrate Adam and Eve hiding from God. However the children were too eagle-eyed and found them very quickly! (The adults weren’t hiding particularly well, to demonstrate that it is pointless to try to hide from God, as he sees everything.) The children then made snakes out of strips of paper to remember that the Devil came to Adam and Eve in the form of a snake.

Our final event of the club was our Pizzas and Prizes evening. We had pizzas from a local business, Zia’s Pizzas, and the delivery man received a loud cheer and lots of clapping when the pizzas arrived! There was plenty for everyone, and there was a nice time of chat. Then the children were awarded with their prizes. There were three winners for a colouring competition that we had been running, as well as for the children with the most holes in their cards. The climax of the evening was the opening of the piñata, which had been well-filled with sweets.

It was a very enjoyable club, richly blessed by God. The helpers all did very well, having put a lot of preparation into the club and then working well during the event. If you would like to see some pictures,there is an album on our Facebook Page: