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Holiday Bible Club 2012

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This year's Holiday Bible Club had as its theme "Birdwatching in the Bible". Clive and Chris Williams of the Open Air Mission led the club over 4 days and with the helpers from the Penknap Kids Club, they kept up to 16 children busy with singing, quizzes, activities and crafts. 

On Monday, they looked at ravens which are unclean, selfish and wandering. But Ravens were changed by God when it came to feeding Elijah and so we can be changed by God too. 

On Tuesday, they looked at the hen, remembering how Jesus said he wanted to gather the people of Jerusalem as a hen gathers its chicks, but they were not willing - and went on to put him to death. 

On Wednesday, they looked at the dove and the stork and they saw that they were clean; also the stork knows what to do at the right time, but humans don't - they leave it too late to come to God.

On Thursday, they looked at sparrows and how God cares for them, but cares for us much more than for them.