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On the 24th of May, we held the second of our 'Everyday Faith' series at Fairfield Cafe, Dilton Marsh. This time the subject was 'Stories of Faith' with members of the congregation giving their testimonies on different aspects of the Christian Faith. Our Pastor, Guy Davies, spoke on his conversion story, and how attending church youth clubs did not make him a Christian. Hannah related how God has helped her through having kidney failure and cancer. Matt Baalham spoke about whether attending church is important for the Christian. Finally Adrian told us his conversion story, about how SASRA (Solider's and Airmen's Scripture Association) led him to Christ. It was a good evening of sharing how the Lord has led us through our lives. 

The date and topic of the next 'Everyday Faith' has not yet been decided, but please keep checking the website and Facebook page for more information.