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Bake Through the Bible - Passover

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Bake Through the Bible 4

On the 17th we held our fourth Bake Through the Bible event. This time the focus was on the Passover and God saving his people from Egypt. The children started by making a dip out of several ingredients such as yoghurt, lemon and mint. Then it was time to sit down to watch a little film explaining to the children the story itself. After that, they made the flatbread. Many messy hands needed washing after all the kneading! Matt gave a little talk further explaining the story of how God did this amazing work of saving his people from Egypt, and how we have a great saviour in Jesus. Then it was time for tea! As we were learning about the Passover, we had a very suitable tea in the shape of lamb hotpot! It was greatly enjoyed by all.


Please note there is no Bake Through the Bible in August, due to the school holidays. However, we will be back in September on the 18th at 4pm. All are welcome and no Bible knowledge or baking skill is required!