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Bake Through the Bible - Abraham

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On the 26th of June, we held our third Bake Through the Bible session. The topic this time was Abraham, and the promises that God made to him. When the children arrived, they wrote some of the promises on edible wafer paper to put in the cookies later. They also seperated the eggs and started mixing. Then it was time for the short film on Abraham. It focused on God promising to make him into a great family, and the promise of Isaac. Then it was time for the main baking session. This time we were making promise cookies- cookies folded in half with a promise inside. The children had great fun, and are very good mixers! Once the mixtures were on the tray in the oven, Matt explained more about the promises of God. Abraham was promised a family, a home and blessings (good things). Abraham believed on them through faith. Using a pumkin plant, Matt explained to us more about what faith meant. One day Theo brought a pot filled with soil home from school and said he had planted a pumpkin seed. Despite not being able to see the plant or the seed, Matt had faith that Theo had planted it. He then showed us the plant as it is now, showing that Theo was indeed right! After decorating their cookies, we had tea. 

If you missed this session, and would like to come to the next one, it is on the 17th of July at 4pm. As it is the last of the academic year, we are asking people to bring something along. As we will be looking at Abraham's family growing, we would like you to bring something that has grown in the oven. However, if you are unable to bring something, please don't worry, we would still love to see you!