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David Lloyd George: The Great Outsider by Roy Hattersley

Abacus, 2010, 709pp You'd think it couldn't happen here. A populist with a shady private life ascending the highest political office in the land... [read more]

Affinity Theological Studies Conference: 'The Worshipping Church'

Panel of speakers (minus one) The Affinity Theological Studies Conference is unique among a plethora of events in the Evangelical and Reformed world... [read more]

Evangelical 'Momentum' within the Church of England

D. M. Lloyd-Jones, 1966In an article in the Church Times, Angela Tilbury issued a wake-up call to the Church of England... [read more]

The Joy of Les Miserables

My mum has seen the musical version of Les Miserables twice.  It’s one of the longest running productions on the West End... [read more]

Christ and Covenant Theology by Cornelis P. Venema

P&R Publishing, 2017, 462pp For my next trick, I, a convinced Baptist will review a book on covenant theology... [read more]