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Democracy, the worst form of Government

 For years to come pundits and political historians will discuss why the predicted Conservative landslide failed to materialise... [read more]


Given a choice between the unelectable and the uninspiring the latter got my vote. Not so much 'things can only get better' as, 'could be worse'... [read more]

A choice between the unelectable and the uninspiring

I don't know. In my political convictions I'm stuck somewhere between Red Tory and Blue Labour. Progressive when it comes to the state using its powers to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds to get on in life... [read more]

Voting Intentions

No, I'm not going to try and suggest who you should vote for on 8 June. 'That's a relief' you might respond, 'I wouldn't have taken any notice anyway.'  Fair enough... [read more]


We wanted to see this in the cinema, but it wasn't mainstream enough for our local Odeon, so we had to wait until it was on the telly... [read more]